A team made up of two partners, backed by collaborators and business partners from across the board, specifically selected according to needs, messaging, media, target and objectives.


Jasmine has an eye for detail and a job well done. She has been working in advertising and design for over 15 years and has been involved in all aspects of production (computer graphics, photo retouching) and creation (design, motion design, art direction) for some of the largest agencies (Cossette, Sid Lee, BleuBlancRouge, Rethink, TamTam/TBWA, Tank, Alfred, etc.).

Several projects she was worked on have won awards in various creativity and design competitions. Professional, resourceful, versatile and meticulous, Jasmine is involved at every stage of creation and production. She is capable of single-handedly offering turnkey projects to her clients.


Frédéric Simard has been working in creative advertising for the past 20 years. He has a well-honed pen and boundless creativity, which he has showcased in agencies (FCB Montréal, ZoomArmada, Archipel, Bob, Pigeon), in media (Bell Media, RDS, Urbania) and on TV (co-author of the series “Synvain rénove tel que vu à TV”). A real jack of all trades, he exploits his multiple talents for the benefit of the projects he is involved in, when writing and playing music or creating and scripting content.

A master in the art of writing a well-crafted 30-second ad, a long, rhythmic text or a punchy catchphrase, Frédéric knows how to communicate intelligently. He has also attained outstanding achievements throughout his career, including a CRÉA Award for ICI Pneu’s “Les Magiciens de l’auto” campaign and another for the development of VRAK’s new brand image and personality. The series “Synvain Renove tel que vu à TV” has won an award for Best Digital Component for a Program or Series: Fiction and has been nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Gala des Prix Gémeaux.

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